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City Tour

Duration -2 hrs.
Everyday at 12:00 a.m.

This bus excursion gives a remarkable opportunity to see the main attractions of our city: the famous monuments, architectural ensembles, bridges, embankments and parks with a guide. You can book tickets in the Kiosk "Eclectica - Guide", at metro station "Nevsky prospect". Our buses start in the same place.
THE ROUTE OF THE CITY TOUR Nevsky Prospect; Gostinny Dvor (Guest Yard), Sadovaya st. (Garden st.); Gorohovaya st.; Malaya Morskaya st. (Small Sea st.) St. Isaac\'s cathedral (a 5 minutes stop) The monument to Nicolas I; the Horse Guards riding-hall; the Bronze Horseman; the State Admiralty; the Winter Palace; Konjushennaja (the Stable) sq. The cathedral of the Holy Savior on the Spilt Blood (a 5 minutes stop) Mars\' field; Michael\'s castle; the Summer Garden; The monument to A.V. Souvorov; the Troitsky (the Trinity) bridge; the log cabin of Peter I; the house of Matilda Kshesinskaya; Troitskaya (Trinity) sq. Gostinny Dvor (Guest Yard) In case of necessity (traffic jams, open-air events etc) the route can be changed.

 The cost of the tour
                                            sightseers                                                                                              price for 1 person

                                                                                              1430 rub

                                                                                              1140 rub

                                                                       860 rub